Experience the Within

Walking into the pop-up shop this weekend I was a little nervous. I thought to myself "What if I don't make any sales?" "What if people don't-". I cut myself off. My ability to visualize what I want the outcome to be is directly proportional to the way I will apply meaning to the experience. Knowing this, I stopped that internal conversation in exchange for a more productive one. "This is going to be a great experience where I learn about customers, genuinely connect with people, and sell some product." Which is exactly what ended up happening. 

The folks at Kickin' It ATX, through a fluke of events, called me up to come in this past Sunday to do a pop-up shop. Originally we were schedule to have this in-store event early in September. Thinking that I had a couple months, I planned to have t-shirts and lower priced items available for people to purchase. However, the opportunity presented itself and despite having just a couple of (higher priced) SKUs to sell, I went in ready to show samples and sell patrons on the quality. As the day went on, and I got more and more comfortable being there, I started to notice which shoppers were gravitating towards my items. Typical sneaker consumers didn't pay much mind, older women and their husbands walked passed the Live A True Life booth, but there was a particular group that were captivated by my offerings. Usually 27-39 years old, stylish, with more of an eye for tailoring and proportion than for brand name. They stopped, one by one, at some of my select pieces. One by one they spoke, asking questions "What is this?" "Who made this?" only to have me approach softly and engage them. Genuinely interested, I would question them about the details they enjoyed, the materials, and how they would style it. One by one they would all become interested in not only the brand but. apparently, me as well, me and my passion. They would sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Instagram, then they would be gone. I didn't make a single sale. 

Not making a single sale didn't matter one bit to me because I am convinced that I have indeed made a sale to each one of those folks, they just haven't purchased yet. See the real value from Sunday was getting a chance to be up close and personal with the actual people who are attracted to the brand in an organic environment. Surprisingly (actually not surprisingly) they were the type of people I expected to be attracted to Live A True Life. 

This journey, though just beginning, is teaching me so much. It is teaching me the faith that is required to build anything unique. The complete faith that clarity will come only through doing, only through experience. There is more to be revealed and the voice inside is urging me to stay with the process. Through this will be more clarity than I could have ever imagined. 




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