Under The Fabric

What does personal development mean to me? It means affirmations, ideas, mental images. Moreover, what it means is the alignment of those assets to ones own highest ideal. What does that mean, "highest ideal"? That means that we do an audit of ourselves and ask questions like: “What actions, feelings, thoughts, would I have if I was the BEST version of myself. If all my dreams came true how would that person act?”. Upon answering that question, I now have an idea of who I am at my best totally customized to me - my highest ideal.

Personally, my goal is to live in this mental picture and by doing so, regardless of outside circumstances, I live and act from the “idealized” version of myself (which is nothing more than me. Period). As we live our daily lives, we have experiences and interactions with the world. How those affect us depends on how we assign meaning to them. How we assign meaning to them depends on the position from which we’re developing the thoughts. So the punchline is: “Would my higher self assign meaning to a situation in this way or is there a different way I could look at this to fit my new view.” Boom.

How does this relate to fashion? I have been having this intuition that fashion, being the outer layer by which we present ourselves the world, has the ability to showcase what we stand for. After mulling this idea over for awhile I thought to myself "Well.. I'm not sure if people want to go around advertising what they believe in." Furthermore I thought to myself "Why should it be about showing others.. it shouldn't.. it should be about knowing for yourself." Thus spawned the challenge of how to imbue clothing with symbols that mirror the affirmations, ideas, and mental images of one's highest ideal. Symbols like Anubis (see what I did there).

The point of my taking you on that intellectual journey is to give context about my purpose with Live A True Life. What to expect from me? Watch as I develop these motifs further, creating pieces which reinforce, to the wearer, what their highest ideal for themselves is. 



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