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First off, thank you for being here. “You could be anywhere else in the world right now..” Reminds me of old rap concerts. Concerts.. Remember those? 

My documentation takes place on Instagram mostly, a little bit on TikTok, and of course my own personal journals. To immortalize this process a bit more I am making a commitment to writing a blog post at least once a week. These blogs will describe what I am up to, what I’ve been working on throughout the week, and what my goals are. Let’s jump right into it.

Today is Saturday , February 6th, I have spent a majority of the week organizing the School Clothes that arrived late last week. Since I want that experience to be a lasting one for customers, I ordered some custom boxes for the orders. Waiting for them to arrive caused a bit of a delay but it was certainly worth the wait.

Earlier in the week, I had the opportunity to shoot some content with Jon Scotty. As the pre-order continues to go on, and I expand my business, I am learning more about marketing. It should be said that marketing is its own science to be respected. Knowing that, I enter the field as a sponge looking to absorb any trick, tip, or help I can manage to find. This weeks shoot was an action item on some of that knowledge I acquired through research.

We shot 3 different styles of videos:

Video 1: Was an “ad” replicating my best performing post that I boosted on instagram.

Video 2: Was a celebration of the integrity and process that goes into each order. A true rendition of how personal this all is to me.

Video 3: Was my attempt at the well optimized “Facebook Ad” that gives clear notice to the “Core product value” of the shoes with clear texts and eye candy video of the product.

I covered all my bases.

A quick aside: What is the “core product value” of art? Or design? It makes you feel good? Or even just feel? This was something interesting to try and wrap my head around.

My intuition tells me that when I lean into the passion I imbue in these products, the people will respond. Everyday I find a way to showcase that. Live A True Life is about uncovering a process and that process leading to a transformation. This is embodied in myself first, I will keep you updated on how its going.

All Love,


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